10 Ways to Create News for Your Organization

American Kidney Fund

  1. We could stage a special event for AKF, like a county-wide cloths and food drive. In a college town like Statesboro I think it would do really well.
  2. AKF could use a celebrity endorser for commercials and interviews.
  3. Easter is coming up and many of us will be spending it in church so we could tie giving to American Kidney Fund
  4.  We could hold an annual event.
  5. Could hold a golf classic event where the money raised and go to families and patients in need.
  6. Public announcements about new health care laws and educate people on them in honor of AKF.
  7. Post calendars for special events in surrounding areas. By email, TV, mail, local stores and schools.
  8. Promote products that processed go to the foundation; for example, calendars, car magnets, shirts and more.
  9. Hold contests with a twist, if you win that day’s contributions would be given in your name.
  10. Awards, giving and receiving always looks good. AKF is a 4-star charity for 7 years (Charity Navigator) “One of America’s Best Charities” (Reader’s Digest).

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Dominos and Guest Speakers

 In public relations class the other day we had some guest speakers come in class. Before they got there we watched the Domino’s clip. It was the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I do not eat Dominos now so I most likely will not be eating there.  We talked about the video and how people and Dominos were handling it all. Once we talk about that our two guest speakers, Jeremy and Lauren came in. I was interested in what they had to say. The fact that they were both Georgia Southern graduates made it even more interesting because it is hope that some of us will actually get a job in this bad economy.  Jeremy and Lauren talked for a while about their jobs at the company Three. Jeremy talked the most and not to be mean but I almost felt like he was bragging about all the stuff he has done.  I would love to have a job like that when I graduate but I do not want to get a big head. They were very helpful about getting a job and telling us what there is we can do with a PR degree. They gave me hope for a job one day.

Nicole leigh

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North East West South NEWS!

Today in class we were talking about the news. What is news? Is news new to everyone? How do people get the news today? Well, the news is new information, now it may not be news to everyone sometimes it is just a few people. Another way to look at news is N.E.W.S. North East West and South. I have never heard that but in when someone said that in class today a light went off in my head. I have never looked at news that way but I like it. News happens everywhere, anytime, and to anyone. We also talked about how people get the news these days. The internet I would say is a big one and TV. The radio used to be the number one but times have and are changing. Where do you get your news and what do you think news is???

Nicole leigh

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Public Relations Crisis

In class we discussed Public Relations in times of a crisis. First we talked about what exactly a crisis is and what the four types of crisis there are: meteor, predator, breakdown, and lingering. There are also many benefits to planning for a crisis such as it will reduce stress if the crisis actually occurs, the flow of information, etc. We also discussed how a PR professional for a company has to search for the negative for that company to see what is being said or talked about. The three R’s of Crisis Communication are research, response, and recovery. Throughout the class, we discussed more on crisis communication and what to do if your company has a crisis. I personally do not think that I could be the “negative” person on the team that has to plan for a crisis. The class was then asked to get into groups and we were given a certain scenario. Our group had to discuss what we would do if this crisis were to happen to our company. I enjoyed this class because I didn’t realize how much time had to go into thinking and discussing what could happen to a company.

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When I was told in my public relations class that I was going to have to make a blog I was a little nervous because I have never even had a diary or journal. So after I set up my blog on  http://wordpress.com/. I began to get the hang of things. After a few assignments Dr. Nixon gave us I began to write more on my own. Having the class as a base was very helpful but I was also able to write about what I wanted too as well.


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classroom talk

Sorry I forgot to post this one but it should be from class on March 30. Today in class we started off with a cross word puzzle on advertising slogans. I thought this was going to be really easy because I am always walking around singing some song off the TV. We then discussed our blogs for a little bit. At the beginning of the semester I was confused about the blogs we were trying to write but as time has gone on I think I am getting better at it. Dr. Nixon helps a lot when you do not know what you are doing on the blogs or twitter, really any of that stuff.

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2009 Statesboro Flim Festival

In my Public Relations class (Barbara Nixon’s class), we talked about the 2009 Statesboro Film Festival that will be this Thursday April 16, 2009. Dr. Nixon told us that the film festival is open to all who wish to attend. Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Viewer’s Choice and Best Editing are the awards that a few lucky people are going to get. It sounds pretty interesting so maybe I will check it out depending on what I am doing that night.

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Communication March 9th

 In class the other day we discussed ways of communicating with people. We had to draw on a piece of paper how we thought communication worked. The pictures I used were a phone, a computer, a television, and so on. After Dr. Nixon put some examples on the overhead I realized I did not have the same ideas as everyone else. It made sense when she put the others on the screen because they all talked about encoding, decoding, feedback, senders, receivers, and the way you would actually send a message. On my sheet I just wrote channels that you could send a message through. I thought this was an interesting project to do in class because I got to see everyone’s idea on communication and how every group wrote a different message. This just goes to show that there are so many different types of communicating and ways to communicate.

Nicole leigh

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