Formal Weekend

My boyfriend and I went to his formal this last weekend in Jacksonville, FL. We left Friday after he got off work and headed down. It took about three hours but we always have a good time together so there is never a dull moment with us. When we got there we checked and headed up to the room that we had to share. We didn’t have to pay for the formal this time because their alumni stepped up and paid for everyone. Anyways, we got ready to go out and went to slit life with some of the other couples. It was great, lots of fun. When we got back to the hotel we all just hung out and partied in and out of the rooms. I got to meet some new girls this weekend too,  I am not in a sorority so when I go places with David I always have to meet new people, but I like it you can never have to many friends. Well, Saturday we stayed at the beach all day it was great. When it was time everyone went in to get ready for formal and then we went to formal. Lots of dancing, David never dances but I couldn’t get him to stop. I think everyone had a great time. We went back to the hotel and kept on partying. The next morning it was so hard to get up but I did and packed everything up even his stuff because he was still sleeping and we had to be out by ten. I drove back to Statesboro because he couldn’t, it didn’t seem like that long of a drive back. When we got back we hung out for a while and then went to Olive Garden, it was soooo good. We are from Atlanta so we have been before but it’s is always so good when you haven’t been in a while. Anyways, we had a great weekend lots of partying and lots of fun.    


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Things Couldn’t Be Better

Hilton Head! My boyfriend and I wanted to get out of Statesboro so we went to Hilton Head SC. We have never been and it is so close by why not. We drove up on Sunday to go to Tanger Outlet. We are from Atlanta so we have a Tanger but I have always heard Hilton Head’s was good. Did some shopping for spring break, can’t wait! I got a lot of really cute things and we got to spend the day together. When we were done shopping we went to Carrabba’s and then the beach. It was right by the restaurant, public parking and everything. It was great to see the beach but it was a tease because spring break is so close. We headed home after that but it was a great day trip and I love spending time with my boyfriend.

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So just wanted to share one the funniest commercials ever, it’s my favorite. Comment!!

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Real-life Dear John

Three days after Christmas 2008 my boyfriend left for Marine boot camp in South Carolina. We met in high school but didn’t start dating tell the end of our senior year. We went to prom together and where in a relationship after that. He started talking about being in the military and finally picked the Marines. We had a year of college under us and we spent every second together and things were great but boot camp was coming up. His boot camp didn’t allow us to call or write emails, so all we could do was write letters. It was hard but I loved the anticipation of checking my mail and getting his letters. The letters started off with his daily routine and some of the guys he met but then he started telling me about how special I was to him and my letters mean so much to him. Some if his letters were so sweet they made me cry. The hardest part was I couldn’t talk to my best friend when I was having a bad day or even a good day. I found myself with a lot of time and I didn’t know what to do with it. The highlight of boot camp for me was when he called me one day out of the blue he did good in the shooting range and got a 2min phone call. I was shocked and started crying. Haha. It was so fast and I wish it was longer. He missed his 20th birthday and mine, school and just life in general. Graduation finally came around and I was going to see him. I drove all by myself up to Paris Island and I couldn’t wait to see him. After the graduation was over all the Marines rushed out into the audience, I am really short so I couldn’t see anything but when I finally saw him my heart dropped and I was in love all over again. I had him for a week then he was going back for MOS school, his job training. We made it through it all he came back and went back to school. About two weeks ago we broke up thinking we were missing something not being single in college but we shortly realized we found everything we need and got back together on Valentine’s Day night. So almost a real-life Dear John just a little different.  


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*.*Snow Day*.*

Statesboro, South Georgia, got snow. WOW! I would never believe in a million years Statesboro would get snow. I loved it; it made everyone act like little kids. I work in the “small” (mall) and my girlfriend Catherine told me she has never seen snow before, I was amazed. My family and I always go skiing every year so snow is nothing new to me. Another girl I work Jennifer was asking her fiancé if they should go to her parent’s house because they have a fireplace. Ha. I told her she would be fine the power is not going to go out; it was cute because they didn’t know what to do. I am no expert in snow but if it is snowing in Statesboro we are in no danger. J Later Friday night Amanda, Catherine and I all went to see Valentine’s Day the movie. The movie was really good because it wasn’t sappy it was really cute and funny. Also I wasn’t depressed after, it really was a feel good movie. We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again.

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Family and Friends

I am a little late on my blogs this week but I have a very busy weekend and week so far. My mom and sister came down for the weekend, my new roommates and I had to sign for our new apartment, and I got to spend a couple of days with my mom and sister. I never get to go home because I am always working at Hallmark. Anyways we signed for Copper Beech and then went and got our nails and toes done, it’s been way to long. My new roommates will be my current roommate Teddi and my two best friends Jennifer and Sarah. We are all getting into our majors as juniors/seniors in the fall and we are all very excited. Copper Beech is way bigger than my apartment now; I get a walk-in closet, and no more mirror sliding doors. Woohoo! We ate a lot of really good food this weekend too, I never eat out at nice places just fast food which is really bad for me. We also went to see Dear John, it was very good, a tear jerker. It was hard to watch because of me and David but in the end it was like the new Notebook. Teddi and her parents came down as well and Sunday morning we all got up and went to Ihop then sent them all back home. L I am glad I got to see them and I can’t wait to see them in two weeks.


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Peace Love and Happiness???

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and nine months, I the night before our anniversary he broke up with me. He would like to experience college as a single guy. We have been together since high school so I get it but it’s very hard. I didn’t see it coming but I am going to take advantage of this time and have fun and go out and meet new people. I have thought of it before I just never acted on it so now that he has broken up with me I can have a single life in college too. And you never know we may or may not get back together, I am a true believer in if it’s meant to be we will fine one another again. If you have had a break up let me know how it was and what you did about it.  

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Girls Weekend!!

Some of my best friends came down this weekend. We had so much together all weekend I wish it did not have to end but we all have school and work. Good news they may be coming to school down here so then I will see them all the time. Jenn came from home, Stockbridge, and Sarah came from Valdosta, we have been friends forever and it was so nice to have them here before finals, it helps with the stress of everything. We ate a lot of good food that was really bad for us but hey who cares. Saturday we hung out at the pool all day and it was amazing I always have to work so finally getting to layout was marvelous. I got some sun; we played volleyball and partied a lot. We never went out but we had a lot of fun at the apartment because we never get to see each other.

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Dell Computer


I have a pink one but I put this skin on it.


In December of 2008 I saved up the money to build and buy a new Dell computer. The grand total came to just around $1900. I was very happy that I was able to get this because my older sister just got one a few months before me. My sister and I built it together over the phone with the Dell woman and I got it just about two weeks later. I loved it and was so happy that it was all mine. Well, that wonderful computer of mine started shutting down on its own and everyday it did it more often. I finally called Dell and they told me that it was my software and I needed to buy new software for $130. ERRRR!!!! I got the software and downloaded everything Easter weekend when I was home. I was on the phone for two and a half hours but it worked so I thought. Just last week it started shutting down on its own again so I called Dell because more stuff was wrong this time. I have been on the phone with Dell a total of 6 hours over the last four months. Today I was able to get my $130 back because clearly it did not work but Dell told me that they cannot replace my whole computer because it has been longer than twenty one days. OH MY GOSH! Really? So now I am when school is over I have to take it to my computer guy at home so he can fix everything that is wrong with it. My computer man’s name is Don and he said Dell does sell good computers but they themselves do not know how to fix them. I am so pissed I never want to buy another Dell again but I think it will pass. I just do not have good luck with technology, my last computer crashed freshmen year and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet over thanksgiving break. I like technology but I do not think it likes me so much. Just think about your computer buying options before you spend your money.

Nicole leigh

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Pool Day

Today was soooooo pretty and I had to go to class and work. L After my 12:30 class me and my girls went to layout by the pool today, it was great because I never get to layout. I am always at school or work every day of the week. Last weekend when our apartment had a pool party I had to work, even Saturday. So tomorrow Campus Crossings is having a MTV pool party and my boss let me off for the afternoon so I can go. I cannot wait I got some sun today but tomorrow will be even better. I hope!

Nicole leigh

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