Social Media News Release

The Social Media News Release (SMNR) is a press release format designed for the online media world. The press release was written with just the “press” in mind, but in the online world your story needs to be told in a format that is relevant to a wide variety of people – journalists, bloggers, publishers and the public at large. SMNR also allow one to embed high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components.

Some advantages of using a Social Media News Release

  • Optimized for search
  • Optimized for conversation, two way conversation
  • Optimized for sharing
  • Tells the story through words and multimedia
  • Helps provide context on complicated stories
  • Creates Engagement
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Not expensive
  • Infuses personality

Some Disadvantages of using Social Media News Release

  • Cannot replace one-on-one communication
  • Hyperlinks can pull away the focus of the original message 
  • Online reading only

These advantages and disadvantages are provided by and Slideshare

If a PR practitioner is not currently using a Social Media News Release I would recommend that they start. By using a SMNR they could send out information in a variety of ways; for example, audio, video, and graphic. By doing so they could also get instant feedback from comments and bloggers. PR practitioners should stay up to date with technological advances which allow them to be quicker and work in more efficient ways of communication.

Ford Motor Company has a great verity of Social Media News Release on their website:

You can view community, car, safety, news and more Social Media News Releases on their website. ford.digitalsnippets

There are also website that will help you create your own Social Media News Release by following templates that guide you step by step.  

PitchEngine or PRXbuilder,


April 22, 2010. Assignments.

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