TOW 16 Top Ten Blogging Tips

1 Stay on top of things

2 Know the news

3 Be real, be personal

4 Try different things

5 Research new topic to write about and learn about

6 Double check your work, look for mistakes

7 Look at other people’s blogs to learn and communicate with others

8 think about the people that will read your work

9 have fun with your work

10 write things that interest you


April 21, 2010. Assignments.


  1. Erica Campbell replied:

    Those are some really good tips on how to best use a blog. 10, write things that interest you- has been helpful to me because when you write about things that you find interesting it is easy to make your writing provoking and spark someone else’s interest as well. Tip 7 has helped me out a lot with my blog, seeing how other PR professionals and PR students blog help me to see how best to reach my audience and to stay current on what other people targeting the same audience think are important topics to blog about. Nice post!

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