10 Reasons How PR Professionals Drive Journalists Crazy TOW 13

10 reasons why PR professionals drive journalists crazy:

  1. Not doing necessary homework
  2. Taking work away
  3. Scheduling a news conference
  4. Using excessive hype about a topic
  5. Choosing a location  
  6. Sending Invites
  7.  Manipulation of the media  
  8. Accessibility after a conference
  9. Making Journalists sound boring
  10. Handling a conference

April 21, 2010. Assignments.

One Comment

  1. lawzta replied:

    I was reading over your list on why really annoys journalists that PR professionals do, and you brought up a few points that I myself did not even think of. The main one was number 9. If someone made me sound boring that would definitely get on my nerves! But then again, how can you control what someone else days or does! You just have to be ready for whatever in this line of work!

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