Chapter 12 Tapping the Web and New Media

Chapter 12 was about how the web and the new media work together. Writing for the web is different than writing on pen and paper. Writing for a home page is also different. When you are writing for your home page it is important to define the objective of the site and be sure that you are designing it with the correct audience in mind.

It is also important to make your websites interactive. The pull concept it a part of this. It is when people are actively searching for your site for answers. The opposite of this is the push concept. This is when information is delivered to you without you searching.

A good way to attract people to your sites is to use hyperlinks. If you site has many links, it will be more appealing to viewers and they will come to your site more often because it looks professional. Another important thing to have on your websites is a search engine. Search engines make it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for.


April 19, 2010. Reading Notes.

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