Superbowl Google Ad Topic of the week 5

In a sharp departure from the tone of the vast majority of other Super Bowl ads, Google went straight to viewers’ hearts. Without being excessively sappy, the commercial cleverly tells a story of a foreigner meeting, courting and marrying his Parisian soul mate. In true Google fashion a simple series of search queries leads viewers on this romantic adventure tugging even on everyone’s hearts. A student looking ahead to a quarter or two of study abroad can easily put themselves in the shoes of the unidentified Googler; when the audience has that kind of empathy they are hooked.

The ad did its job; there is no doubt. It is a very “Google ad”. It’s simple but effective and showcases the power of Google’s Universal Search solution. This was Google’s message strategy to show the viewer you can look up anything on their search engine throughout your lifetime. Google definitely took a different approach with their ad an emotional one at that. The ad had a curiosity appeal because Google does not make TV ads and it had a storyline appeal.  Google stimulated our interest and delivered the information with a touch of emotion which in the end was their objective. Google has advertised online for years holding the competitive advantage but now that Bing puts TV ads out Google stepped it up and did the same showing product differentiation from Bing. Bing is advertised as a link engine but Google can fine what you need and your true love.  They used a target audience of college students watching the Superbowl, and pin pointed decisions college men will be making soon. Google did a good job of showing their brand identity. The message: Google can be used for everything, including finding the love of your life.


February 23, 2010. Assignments.


  1. Chris Yates replied:

    Yes, the Google ad was my favorite as well! Normally I like the funny commercials during the Super Bowl (Bud-Light always delivers) or the really intense visual spectacles (Coca-Cola for example). But the Google ad this year takes the cake in my opinion. Why did everyone like this commercial so much? The only thing we saw the whole time was the search engine bar and what the person was typing into it. This is what makes it so good though. It tells a story and gets the audience emotionally involved with just these simple elements. Also, I bet the ad was a huge success for Google because it propably didn’t cost much to make.

    • nicoleleigh2208 replied:

      The ad was different thats why everyone liked it. No other ad is like the Google one.

  2. Blog Comments « Chris Yates replied:

    […] Superbowl Google Ad Topic of the week 5 by Nicole Barlow: […]

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