Addicted or Not (Twitter) topic of the week 7

Twitter is like putting on an old pair of shoes. In intro to public relations we had to blog and twitter. Blogging was easy but twitter was different, I have a facebook so I do status updates but facebook has more. By this is my 3rd time around with twitter and I will say I have continued with my tweets and it is becoming an everyday thing. One of the best things about twitter is I can follow people and they don’t have to follow me or the other way around. Twitter is getting bigger, growing every day, and a lot more people are using it. Any kind of public site is good for public relations because it is a way to hear what the people have to say. Open sites help people say what they want about your company or product. Like I said Twitter is getter bigger and it is growing. It is nice to hear about it on the radio and know what they are talking about because my roommates have no idea then they all come to me asking about it. Overall, Twitter has been a good experience and I am glad Dr. Nixon has asked us to get involved in it.


February 23, 2010. Assignments.


  1. The Man behind the Microphone replied:

    I wasn’t a big fan of twitter either until I really started looking into it. I am a big sports fan and the best thing about Twitter is following my favorite athletes and sports anchor to see what they are doing or their opinions on various topics. A lot of times I really don’t update my status on Twitter, but look to see what other people have posted. I had no idea this was going to get so popular. Now you can even post video and pictures on your account which is cool when athletes post warm ups or practices before their games.

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