Real-life Dear John

Three days after Christmas 2008 my boyfriend left for Marine boot camp in South Carolina. We met in high school but didn’t start dating tell the end of our senior year. We went to prom together and where in a relationship after that. He started talking about being in the military and finally picked the Marines. We had a year of college under us and we spent every second together and things were great but boot camp was coming up. His boot camp didn’t allow us to call or write emails, so all we could do was write letters. It was hard but I loved the anticipation of checking my mail and getting his letters. The letters started off with his daily routine and some of the guys he met but then he started telling me about how special I was to him and my letters mean so much to him. Some if his letters were so sweet they made me cry. The hardest part was I couldn’t talk to my best friend when I was having a bad day or even a good day. I found myself with a lot of time and I didn’t know what to do with it. The highlight of boot camp for me was when he called me one day out of the blue he did good in the shooting range and got a 2min phone call. I was shocked and started crying. Haha. It was so fast and I wish it was longer. He missed his 20th birthday and mine, school and just life in general. Graduation finally came around and I was going to see him. I drove all by myself up to Paris Island and I couldn’t wait to see him. After the graduation was over all the Marines rushed out into the audience, I am really short so I couldn’t see anything but when I finally saw him my heart dropped and I was in love all over again. I had him for a week then he was going back for MOS school, his job training. We made it through it all he came back and went back to school. About two weeks ago we broke up thinking we were missing something not being single in college but we shortly realized we found everything we need and got back together on Valentine’s Day night. So almost a real-life Dear John just a little different.  



February 22, 2010. Personal.

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