10 Ways to Create News for Your Organization

American Kidney Fund

  1. We could stage a special event for AKF, like a county-wide cloths and food drive. In a college town like Statesboro I think it would do really well.
  2. AKF could use a celebrity endorser for commercials and interviews.
  3. Easter is coming up and many of us will be spending it in church so we could tie giving to American Kidney Fund
  4.  We could hold an annual event.
  5. Could hold a golf classic event where the money raised and go to families and patients in need.
  6. Public announcements about new health care laws and educate people on them in honor of AKF.
  7. Post calendars for special events in surrounding areas. By email, TV, mail, local stores and schools.
  8. Promote products that processed go to the foundation; for example, calendars, car magnets, shirts and more.
  9. Hold contests with a twist, if you win that day’s contributions would be given in your name.
  10. Awards, giving and receiving always looks good. AKF is a 4-star charity for 7 years (Charity Navigator) “One of America’s Best Charities” (Reader’s Digest).

February 17, 2010. PR Connections, Responses.

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