*.*Snow Day*.*

Statesboro, South Georgia, got snow. WOW! I would never believe in a million years Statesboro would get snow. I loved it; it made everyone act like little kids. I work in the “small” (mall) and my girlfriend Catherine told me she has never seen snow before, I was amazed. My family and I always go skiing every year so snow is nothing new to me. Another girl I work Jennifer was asking her fiancé if they should go to her parent’s house because they have a fireplace. Ha. I told her she would be fine the power is not going to go out; it was cute because they didn’t know what to do. I am no expert in snow but if it is snowing in Statesboro we are in no danger. J Later Friday night Amanda, Catherine and I all went to see Valentine’s Day the movie. The movie was really good because it wasn’t sappy it was really cute and funny. Also I wasn’t depressed after, it really was a feel good movie. We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again.


February 16, 2010. Personal.


  1. Kate Kavanagh replied:

    I go to school in Statesboro, Georgia, as well but I am originally from New York and Pennsylvania. Everyone always told me that it would not snow in Statesboro because it’s too far south. It was such a surprise when we actually got the two inches! All of my friends were so excited and wanted to play in the snow all night long. To them it was a great thing but since I have grown up all around it, it was nothing special to me! I was not prepared at all and am always cold to begin with. I always loved cuddling up and watching movies when it snowed so you had the perfect mind set. Although I have had my share of snow and came down here to get away from the cold weather, it was a nice surprise to get it that one night!

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