Finding and Making News Chapter 4

Basic news values: 1. Timeless 2. Prominence 3. Proximity 4. Significance 5. Unusualness 6. Human interest 7. Conflict 8. Newness.

 *Timeliness: most important characteristic of news. News can be made timely in four ways.

*Prominence: events are rarely covered unless a prominent person with star power involved. Prominence is not restricted to people- it extends to organizations.

*Proximity: homeowners- tailored for an individual’s local news paper by emphasizing the local angle in the first paragraph. Whenever possible it is important to ‘localize’ information. Publicists should take the time and effort to include the names or local dealers, retailers, and other area reps for the news media serving a particular city.

*Significance: any situation that can affect a substantial number of people is significant. Be prepared when the journalist says ’so what?’

*Unusualness: anything out of the ordinary attracts press interest and public attention. PR efforts have to involve 4 elements the company wants the brand to convey: fun, project friendliness, resourcefulness, and imaginative.

 *Human interest: people like to read about other people. Interest in people is not restricted to celebs conflict: controversy creates news. Publicists should be aware of ongoing public issues and topics to determine which viewpoint should be publicized.

*Newness: ‘new and free’ most useful word.


February 16, 2010. Reading Notes.

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