Avoiding Legal Hassles Chapter 3

*Public relations practitioners can get caught up in lawsuits because they could be held legally liable if they provide advice or support the illegal activity of a client.

*Language is very important because libel suits can be avoided through careful use of it.

*Opinions are limited, and employees can be fired for revealing trade secrets, using online products can put an employee in a bad position.

*Copyrights are very important because they protect creative work of others and you should always assume that things have copyrights and ask for permission to reprint.

*A trademark is a word, symbol, or slogan that identifies a product’s origin. Always capitalize and use as adjectives rather than nouns and verbs.

*Cooperative relationship must exist between public relations personnel and legal counsel. This helps if both groups report to the same top executive and both are represented on key committees.



February 16, 2010. Reading Notes.

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