Family and Friends

I am a little late on my blogs this week but I have a very busy weekend and week so far. My mom and sister came down for the weekend, my new roommates and I had to sign for our new apartment, and I got to spend a couple of days with my mom and sister. I never get to go home because I am always working at Hallmark. Anyways we signed for Copper Beech and then went and got our nails and toes done, it’s been way to long. My new roommates will be my current roommate Teddi and my two best friends Jennifer and Sarah. We are all getting into our majors as juniors/seniors in the fall and we are all very excited. Copper Beech is way bigger than my apartment now; I get a walk-in closet, and no more mirror sliding doors. Woohoo! We ate a lot of really good food this weekend too, I never eat out at nice places just fast food which is really bad for me. We also went to see Dear John, it was very good, a tear jerker. It was hard to watch because of me and David but in the end it was like the new Notebook. Teddi and her parents came down as well and Sunday morning we all got up and went to Ihop then sent them all back home. L I am glad I got to see them and I can’t wait to see them in two weeks.



February 11, 2010. Personal.


  1. Natalia replied:

    Wow Nicole! You really did have a busy week. I do not really ever get the chance to go visit my mom either. It is always a good time when she can come spend time with me. It takes the pressure off a little. How was Dear John? I have wanted to see it.


    • nicoleleigh2208 replied:

      Dear John is really good im almost a real dear john because my boyfriend went into the marines and we could only write letters for about 7 months.

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