Addicted or Not (Twitter) topic of the week 7

Twitter is like putting on an old pair of shoes. In intro to public relations we had to blog and twitter. Blogging was easy but twitter was different, I have a facebook so I do status updates but facebook has more. By this is my 3rd time around with twitter and I will say I have continued with my tweets and it is becoming an everyday thing. One of the best things about twitter is I can follow people and they don’t have to follow me or the other way around. Twitter is getting bigger, growing every day, and a lot more people are using it. Any kind of public site is good for public relations because it is a way to hear what the people have to say. Open sites help people say what they want about your company or product. Like I said Twitter is getter bigger and it is growing. It is nice to hear about it on the radio and know what they are talking about because my roommates have no idea then they all come to me asking about it. Overall, Twitter has been a good experience and I am glad Dr. Nixon has asked us to get involved in it.


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What makes a story newsworthy? topic of the week 6

News can be defined as “Newsworthy information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by news media”. But what makes news newsworthy? When an editor needs to decide whether to run with a particular story, she or he will ask how well the story meets each of the criteria below. Normally, a story should perform well in at least two areas. Naturally, competition plays a part. If there are a lot of newsworthy stories on a particular day then some stories will be dropped. Although some stories can be delayed until a new slot becomes available, time-sensitive news will often be dropped permanently.

Timing-The word news means exactly that – things which are new. Topics which are current are good news. Consumers are used to receiving the latest updates, and there is so much news about that old news is quickly discarded. A story with only average interest needs to be told quickly if it is to be told at all. If it happened today, it’s news. If the same thing happened last week, it’s no longer interesting.

Significance-The number of people affected by the story is important. A plane crash in which hundreds of people died is more significant than a crash killing a dozen.

Proximity-Stories which happen near to us have more significance. The closer the story to home, the more newsworthy it is. For someone living in France, a major plane crash in the USA has a similar news value to a small plane crash near Paris. Note that proximity doesn’t have to mean geographical distance. Stories from countries with which we have a particular bond or similarity have the same effect. For example, Australians would be expected to relate more to a story from a distant Western nation than a story from a much closer Asian country.

Prominence-Famous people get more coverage just because they are famous. If you break your arm it won’t make the news, but if the Queen of England breaks her arm it’s big news.

Human Interest-Human interest stories are a bit of a special case. They often disregard the main rules of newsworthiness; for example, they don’t date as quickly, they need not affect a large number of people, and it may not matter where in the world the story takes place. Human interest stories appeal to emotion. They aim to evoke responses such as amusement or sadness. Television news programmers often place a humorous or quirky story at the end of the show to finish on a feel-good note. Newspapers often have a dedicated area for offbeat or interesting items.

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Superbowl Google Ad Topic of the week 5

In a sharp departure from the tone of the vast majority of other Super Bowl ads, Google went straight to viewers’ hearts. Without being excessively sappy, the commercial cleverly tells a story of a foreigner meeting, courting and marrying his Parisian soul mate. In true Google fashion a simple series of search queries leads viewers on this romantic adventure tugging even on everyone’s hearts. A student looking ahead to a quarter or two of study abroad can easily put themselves in the shoes of the unidentified Googler; when the audience has that kind of empathy they are hooked.

The ad did its job; there is no doubt. It is a very “Google ad”. It’s simple but effective and showcases the power of Google’s Universal Search solution. This was Google’s message strategy to show the viewer you can look up anything on their search engine throughout your lifetime. Google definitely took a different approach with their ad an emotional one at that. The ad had a curiosity appeal because Google does not make TV ads and it had a storyline appeal.  Google stimulated our interest and delivered the information with a touch of emotion which in the end was their objective. Google has advertised online for years holding the competitive advantage but now that Bing puts TV ads out Google stepped it up and did the same showing product differentiation from Bing. Bing is advertised as a link engine but Google can fine what you need and your true love.  They used a target audience of college students watching the Superbowl, and pin pointed decisions college men will be making soon. Google did a good job of showing their brand identity. The message: Google can be used for everything, including finding the love of your life.

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NewsU Cleaning Your Copy topic of the week 4

After taking the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course I had a review in four main parts of writing: grammar, AP style, punctuation and spelling. One of the most important things I learned was AP style because I will one day use that all the time in the PR field. It was hard to learn but with my book and the online course I really started to get the hang of it. What surprised me the most about AP style is how it goes against almost all the grammar I have ever learned. I would really like to learn more about AP style because it will be so vital to my career one day.

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Why are blog comments important?? Topic of the week 3

Blog comments are important to yourself and other bloggers. They help improve your writing and answer or bring up questions you may not have thought of. Sometimes comments can start a educational debate over two points of views and that allows others to add or think about your comments. When writing blog comments use your education and give them something to think about don’t say things like that’s stupid you’re wrong. Make sure your comments are productive and really put some thought into them.

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Real-life Dear John

Three days after Christmas 2008 my boyfriend left for Marine boot camp in South Carolina. We met in high school but didn’t start dating tell the end of our senior year. We went to prom together and where in a relationship after that. He started talking about being in the military and finally picked the Marines. We had a year of college under us and we spent every second together and things were great but boot camp was coming up. His boot camp didn’t allow us to call or write emails, so all we could do was write letters. It was hard but I loved the anticipation of checking my mail and getting his letters. The letters started off with his daily routine and some of the guys he met but then he started telling me about how special I was to him and my letters mean so much to him. Some if his letters were so sweet they made me cry. The hardest part was I couldn’t talk to my best friend when I was having a bad day or even a good day. I found myself with a lot of time and I didn’t know what to do with it. The highlight of boot camp for me was when he called me one day out of the blue he did good in the shooting range and got a 2min phone call. I was shocked and started crying. Haha. It was so fast and I wish it was longer. He missed his 20th birthday and mine, school and just life in general. Graduation finally came around and I was going to see him. I drove all by myself up to Paris Island and I couldn’t wait to see him. After the graduation was over all the Marines rushed out into the audience, I am really short so I couldn’t see anything but when I finally saw him my heart dropped and I was in love all over again. I had him for a week then he was going back for MOS school, his job training. We made it through it all he came back and went back to school. About two weeks ago we broke up thinking we were missing something not being single in college but we shortly realized we found everything we need and got back together on Valentine’s Day night. So almost a real-life Dear John just a little different.  


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Tiger Woods

Friday at the PGA headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Tiger Woods will apologize for his behavior, according to his agent Mark Steinberg. Steinberg said Tiger will not answer any questions.  This will be his first public appearance since his November 27 car crash outside his home near Orlando, Florida. Tiger will be speaking to a small group of friends, colleagues and close associates. He plans to discuss his past and his future and he intends to apologize for his behavior. Tiger crashed his black Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant and then a tree just a few days after the National Enquirer reported he was having an affair with a New York nightclub hostess who denied the affair. A day after he paid his $164 traffic ticket, Woods’ seemingly perfect world began to crumble under what would eventually become an avalanche of allegations of infidelity threatening his five-year marriage to Elin. The couple has two children, Charlie, 1, and Sam, 2. Tiger issued an apology for “transgressions” that had let his family down; as several women reported they had affairs with the golfer.


Several of Woods’ major sponsors, including AT&T and Accenture, ended their business relationships with Woods following the crash and the exposure of his marriage troubles. But other companies, including Nike and Pepsi’s Gatorade, continue to sponsor Woods, who has taken a break from his professional golfing career. Procter & Gamble’s Gillette said it would stop airing commercials featuring the golfer for a while.

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Lindsey Vonn “Golden Girl”

Lindsey Vonn has become the golden girl of the Winter Olympics as she dominated the women’s downhill at Whistler Creek on Wednesday. She was threatened by a shin injury during build-up to the Vancouver games but showed no signs of ill effects with a blistering run of one minute 44.19 seconds to win her first Olympic medal of any color. The Minnesotan, the reigning world champion in the discipline and totally dominant on the World Cup circuit in the build-up to Games, decimated the time set by fellow American Julia Mancuso by over half a second from start number 16.Vonn is also the first American woman to win Olympic gold in a speed event since Picabo Street won gold in the super-G at Nagano in 1998.

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10 Ways to Create News for Your Organization

American Kidney Fund

  1. We could stage a special event for AKF, like a county-wide cloths and food drive. In a college town like Statesboro I think it would do really well.
  2. AKF could use a celebrity endorser for commercials and interviews.
  3. Easter is coming up and many of us will be spending it in church so we could tie giving to American Kidney Fund
  4.  We could hold an annual event.
  5. Could hold a golf classic event where the money raised and go to families and patients in need.
  6. Public announcements about new health care laws and educate people on them in honor of AKF.
  7. Post calendars for special events in surrounding areas. By email, TV, mail, local stores and schools.
  8. Promote products that processed go to the foundation; for example, calendars, car magnets, shirts and more.
  9. Hold contests with a twist, if you win that day’s contributions would be given in your name.
  10. Awards, giving and receiving always looks good. AKF is a 4-star charity for 7 years (Charity Navigator) “One of America’s Best Charities” (Reader’s Digest).

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Finding and Making News Chapter 4

Basic news values: 1. Timeless 2. Prominence 3. Proximity 4. Significance 5. Unusualness 6. Human interest 7. Conflict 8. Newness.

 *Timeliness: most important characteristic of news. News can be made timely in four ways.

*Prominence: events are rarely covered unless a prominent person with star power involved. Prominence is not restricted to people- it extends to organizations.

*Proximity: homeowners- tailored for an individual’s local news paper by emphasizing the local angle in the first paragraph. Whenever possible it is important to ‘localize’ information. Publicists should take the time and effort to include the names or local dealers, retailers, and other area reps for the news media serving a particular city.

*Significance: any situation that can affect a substantial number of people is significant. Be prepared when the journalist says ’so what?’

*Unusualness: anything out of the ordinary attracts press interest and public attention. PR efforts have to involve 4 elements the company wants the brand to convey: fun, project friendliness, resourcefulness, and imaginative.

 *Human interest: people like to read about other people. Interest in people is not restricted to celebs conflict: controversy creates news. Publicists should be aware of ongoing public issues and topics to determine which viewpoint should be publicized.

*Newness: ‘new and free’ most useful word.

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