Becoming a Persuasive Writer Chapter 2

  •       Persuasion is part of the human fabric and has been around since the beginning of civilization.
  •       PR writers spend most of their day crafting and disseminating messages that will persuade and motivate people.
  •       Basic communication model has four elements: sender, message, channel, and receiver.
  •       A number of factors are involved in preparing persuasive messages.
  • Audience analysis
  • Source credibility
  • Appeal to self-interest
  • Clarity of message
  • Timing and context use of symbols and slogans
  • Semantics
  • Suggestions for action


  •       Endorsements are part of establishing credibility for a message
  •       Emotional appeals and fear arousal are most effective when accompanied by suggestions and solutions for solving the situation.
  •       Persuasion should not be manipulative and misleading. It should be based on truthful information and the presentation of ideas in the marketplace of public discussion.

January 31, 2010. Reading Notes.

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