Dell Computer


I have a pink one but I put this skin on it.


In December of 2008 I saved up the money to build and buy a new Dell computer. The grand total came to just around $1900. I was very happy that I was able to get this because my older sister just got one a few months before me. My sister and I built it together over the phone with the Dell woman and I got it just about two weeks later. I loved it and was so happy that it was all mine. Well, that wonderful computer of mine started shutting down on its own and everyday it did it more often. I finally called Dell and they told me that it was my software and I needed to buy new software for $130. ERRRR!!!! I got the software and downloaded everything Easter weekend when I was home. I was on the phone for two and a half hours but it worked so I thought. Just last week it started shutting down on its own again so I called Dell because more stuff was wrong this time. I have been on the phone with Dell a total of 6 hours over the last four months. Today I was able to get my $130 back because clearly it did not work but Dell told me that they cannot replace my whole computer because it has been longer than twenty one days. OH MY GOSH! Really? So now I am when school is over I have to take it to my computer guy at home so he can fix everything that is wrong with it. My computer man’s name is Don and he said Dell does sell good computers but they themselves do not know how to fix them. I am so pissed I never want to buy another Dell again but I think it will pass. I just do not have good luck with technology, my last computer crashed freshmen year and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet over thanksgiving break. I like technology but I do not think it likes me so much. Just think about your computer buying options before you spend your money.

Nicole leigh


April 28, 2009. Personal, PR Connections.

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  1. Barbara Nixon replied:

    I’m so sorry to read about your experiences with your Dell. I have several Dells, and I’ve been pleased with them all.


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