News Releases, Media Alerts, and Pitch Letters Ch 14

·         News release is the most commonly used public relations tactic.

o   They are sent to journalists and editors

o   They must be accurate, informative, and written in journalistic style.

·         Publicity Photos often accompany news releases to make a story more appealing.

o   Photos must be high resolution and well composed

o   Good angles and lighting can change a photo

·         Mat release is a form of a news release but primarily with a feature angle instead of hard news.

o   They provide consumer information and tips in an objective manner with only a brief reference to the nonprofit or corporation that has distributed the information via a distribution firm such as Family Features.

·         Media Advisories and Fact Sheets advisories, or alerts, let journalists know about an upcoming event such as a news conference or photo or interview opportunities.

o   Fact sheets give the 5Ws and H of an event in outline form.

·         Media Kits or press kit is typically a folder containing news releases, photo, an event or other newsworthy projects.

·         Pitch Letters- Public relations personnel “pitch” journalists and editors with story ideas about their employer of client.

o   Pitches can be letters, e-mails, or even telephone calls.

Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T. Cameron. Public relations Strategies and Tactics. 9th ed. Ally and Bacon, 2008.


April 21, 2009. Reading Notes.

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