Dr. Barbara Nixon had this video on her blog about manners on Facebook. I have a Facebook so it got my attention. I watched it and it was pretty funny because some of the stuff in the video is true. Everyone is curious about their boyfriend or girlfriend and Facebook is a way to check in on them. I have looked in on my boyfriends Facebook, who hasn’t. Facebook , Twitter, and any other social networking sites help ones like me be very nosy. But you sure have some manners when using these sites. Just remember you can hurt someone over the internet just as bad if not worse than in person.  Overall the video was funny I think everyone should watch it but it does make a few points.

Nicole leigh


April 21, 2009. PR Connections.

One Comment

  1. Cinnamon Cameron replied:

    Nicole-these are good points. Consider what are negative consequences that Facebook and other social media can have on people? Could there also be consequences for businesses as well? See you in class!

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