Dominos and Guest Speakers

 In public relations class the other day we had some guest speakers come in class. Before they got there we watched the Domino’s clip. It was the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I do not eat Dominos now so I most likely will not be eating there.  We talked about the video and how people and Dominos were handling it all. Once we talk about that our two guest speakers, Jeremy and Lauren came in. I was interested in what they had to say. The fact that they were both Georgia Southern graduates made it even more interesting because it is hope that some of us will actually get a job in this bad economy.  Jeremy and Lauren talked for a while about their jobs at the company Three. Jeremy talked the most and not to be mean but I almost felt like he was bragging about all the stuff he has done.  I would love to have a job like that when I graduate but I do not want to get a big head. They were very helpful about getting a job and telling us what there is we can do with a PR degree. They gave me hope for a job one day.

Nicole leigh


April 21, 2009. Responses.

One Comment

  1. Cinnamon Cameron replied:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the guest speakers! It’s always nice to have success stories from right here at GSU! Keep up the good work on your blogs! Try new things!

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