Twittholic or Not??

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Well, it was like putting on an old pair of shoes. In my public relations class we had to get a Twitter account and Twitter for 24 hours at the beginning of the semester. It was weird because I have never used Twitter before and I really did not care for it at the beginning. Dr. Nixon asked us use to Twitter for another 48 hours and tell how it felt this time. It was different because I knew what I was doing this time. I am still not a big fan of Twitter but it is growing on me. I do understand that Twitter is getting bigger and a lot more people are using. Any kind of public site is good for public relations because it is a way to hear the people. Open sites helps people say what they want about your company or product. Like I said Twitter is getter bigger and it is growing on me. It is nice to hear about it on the radio and know what they are talking about because my roommates have no idea then they all come to me asking about it. Overall, Twitter has been a good experience and I am glad Dr. Nixon has asked us to get involved in it.

jillibean933 I found her on twitter and  she is a PR Account Exec Checker. She just started twitter, at first she did not like it but everyone was doing it so she started. She writes about some different local things.

 RiaRomano She runs an international public relations company which is really impressive. Her website tells you all about it.

stilettodiva CEO/Chief Publicist of Stilettos; Sounds LLC – Stylishly Loud Events; PR professional, Mom, Model, Small Business Start Up Consultant, and Twittholic. This woman does it all. She is always talking to different people on twitter and she said she is always on the go, she never stops.

Nicole leigh  





April 20, 2009. Assignments.


  1. lebowers15 replied:

    I agree, Twitter has been an overall great experience!

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