Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook

Dr. Nixon asked us to make some accounts for Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook was optional. When we started all of these I was not sure about them all. I had a Facebook and I understood that one but blogging and twittering was very new to me. Once we got into them I really started understanding them because when we had to interview a PR professional I found mine on WordPress which was really cool. It was very easy to find her and she was very helpful. The internet has come a long way and the social networks have really helped public relations move along.    



April 14, 2009. PR Connections.


  1. sharita wilkinson replied:

    You are in one year and out the next with these social networking sites. I remember when MySpace was the thing to do. Every one had a MySpace page. Now MySpace is on a steady decline. Facebook seems to be be peaking. However, Facebook will probably last longer than MySpace because it is more professional. Twitter I still hate to this day. I work for Hunter Army Airfield and out of all the social networking sites that we have Twitter has the least amount of followers out of 19,000 possible. I hate blogging but I understand that it can help in a time of need. I am more of an email phone person myself.

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