Puppies :)

So I am feeling very bloggy today. So if you have been reading my blog you know that my boyfriend of 2 years april 29 has gone off into the marines so I am very lonely. I want a dog soooooo bad I cannot stand it anymore. I had a pug and she was so cute and sweet but she pasted away in Oct 2008 😦 I miss her so much, I have never lost a pet before and it really broke my heart. Back to the point I do not want another pug because I want to remember Victoria forever so I want a puggle. They are so cute and I just want one so bad but my apartment is not pet friendly which sucks. So I guess I will have to wait a few more years and get one when I am out of college.

Nicole liegh

      they are just so cute ❤


April 14, 2009. Personal.


  1. aschlum1 replied:

    I want a puppy too! I am trying to talk Josh into it.. we will see if that works!

  2. Blog Comment « AllieSchlumper’s Blog replied:

    […] April 19, 2009 aschlum1 I commented on Nicole Barlow’s blog post. […]

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