In my Public Relations class we were asked to tune in on a podcast about PR. I found one called Marketing Over Coffee and thought it would be interesting. This is my first podcast because I have never listened to one before. The two men talked about the new ideas that some companies are having about their employees blogging. They blog about what they are selling and it has been bringing up numbers in clients sells. Using a blog is a great idea to help sell your product because you are reaching a whole new crowd of people. Next they brought up Twitter and the upgrades it is offering. It is connecting with the company blogs and another means of marketing products. They also went on about the importance of marketing inbound and outbound. If companies are not working outbound the loop will not continue to the inbound process. Inbound is the most profitable when reaching the public. I now understand why the company would blog because it really is helping push the name. I guess the importance of the blog depends on what industry or company each person is working for. Blogs and Twitter and other networking websites, are widely used tools that companies are now enforcing that PR practitioners to work into their daily schedule. It has taken over the PR world to really help people see and hear about other companies like their own. Overall, I enjoyed the podcast and I think I learned a little more about the blogging world because when I first started blogging I was not that into it but seeing how it can be used is great. It makes me want to blog everyday. ❤ Nicole leigh


April 6, 2009. PR Connections.

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