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Girls Weekend!!

Some of my best friends came down this weekend. We had so much together all weekend I wish it did not have to end but we all have school and work. Good news they may be coming to school down here so then I will see them all the time. Jenn came from home, Stockbridge, and Sarah came from Valdosta, we have been friends forever and it was so nice to have them here before finals, it helps with the stress of everything. We ate a lot of good food that was really bad for us but hey who cares. Saturday we hung out at the pool all day and it was amazing I always have to work so finally getting to layout was marvelous. I got some sun; we played volleyball and partied a lot. We never went out but we had a lot of fun at the apartment because we never get to see each other.

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UGA Shooting

In Athens Georgia at The University of Georgia police are searching for marketing professor George Zinkhan after a shooting that left three dead and two more injured at a community theater near the school. Police say the three who were hurt may have been hit by ricocheting bullets. Authorities do not know what triggered the shootings, and it’s not immediately clear if any students or faculty are among the victims. They say Zinkhan was associated in some manner with at least one of the victims. The university issued an alert as a precaution. In a statement The University of Georgia President Michael Adams said the university community is shocked and saddened by the killings. Its crazy but it can happen you never really know people. I hope that never happens at Georgia Southern.

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Top 10 Things Learned in Public Relations

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Dell Computer


I have a pink one but I put this skin on it.


In December of 2008 I saved up the money to build and buy a new Dell computer. The grand total came to just around $1900. I was very happy that I was able to get this because my older sister just got one a few months before me. My sister and I built it together over the phone with the Dell woman and I got it just about two weeks later. I loved it and was so happy that it was all mine. Well, that wonderful computer of mine started shutting down on its own and everyday it did it more often. I finally called Dell and they told me that it was my software and I needed to buy new software for $130. ERRRR!!!! I got the software and downloaded everything Easter weekend when I was home. I was on the phone for two and a half hours but it worked so I thought. Just last week it started shutting down on its own again so I called Dell because more stuff was wrong this time. I have been on the phone with Dell a total of 6 hours over the last four months. Today I was able to get my $130 back because clearly it did not work but Dell told me that they cannot replace my whole computer because it has been longer than twenty one days. OH MY GOSH! Really? So now I am when school is over I have to take it to my computer guy at home so he can fix everything that is wrong with it. My computer man’s name is Don and he said Dell does sell good computers but they themselves do not know how to fix them. I am so pissed I never want to buy another Dell again but I think it will pass. I just do not have good luck with technology, my last computer crashed freshmen year and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet over thanksgiving break. I like technology but I do not think it likes me so much. Just think about your computer buying options before you spend your money.

Nicole leigh

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Pool Day

Today was soooooo pretty and I had to go to class and work. L After my 12:30 class me and my girls went to layout by the pool today, it was great because I never get to layout. I am always at school or work every day of the week. Last weekend when our apartment had a pool party I had to work, even Saturday. So tomorrow Campus Crossings is having a MTV pool party and my boss let me off for the afternoon so I can go. I cannot wait I got some sun today but tomorrow will be even better. I hope!

Nicole leigh

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So this weekend I had to drive all the way to Macon to meet my mom and dad to trade cars. Like always something is always wrong with mine, it is 9 years old but still it gets old. Anyways we met at Carrabba’s for lunch which way great because mommy and daddy always pay HAHA!! No but I had fun, living 3 hours away and working make it very hard to see me them whenever I want too. We ate and then hit the new open-air mall which was really really nice. I got some new cloths not much but I got to hang out with the parents so that was good. About 430 I gave mom my car and I got hers then back to Statesboro.

Nicole leigh



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Dominos and Guest Speakers

 In public relations class the other day we had some guest speakers come in class. Before they got there we watched the Domino’s clip. It was the nastiest thing I have ever seen. I do not eat Dominos now so I most likely will not be eating there.  We talked about the video and how people and Dominos were handling it all. Once we talk about that our two guest speakers, Jeremy and Lauren came in. I was interested in what they had to say. The fact that they were both Georgia Southern graduates made it even more interesting because it is hope that some of us will actually get a job in this bad economy.  Jeremy and Lauren talked for a while about their jobs at the company Three. Jeremy talked the most and not to be mean but I almost felt like he was bragging about all the stuff he has done.  I would love to have a job like that when I graduate but I do not want to get a big head. They were very helpful about getting a job and telling us what there is we can do with a PR degree. They gave me hope for a job one day.

Nicole leigh

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