Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog



 Last week in my public relations class we watched the movie “Way the Dog”. It is a PR based movie about a producer and a PR practitioner who creates a ‘fake war’ with Albania to get people’s minds off of the Presidents scandalous allegations during re-election. I had never seen or even heard about this movie and it has a lot of famous people in it. Overall, the movie was good a nice behind the scenes movie.

 I believe that the PR practitioner totally embodies the situational orientation. He had many ongoing attempts to bring up the President’s percentage in the polls before Election Day. Clearly, he was trying to make decisions that produced the most votes. He and his coworkers spun each event to give the president a positive image, every step of the way and this really showed me how important the Presidents image is. For example, the tape on the news of the fake war and the girl is running. From the Code of Ethics I think it was the downfall of the PR practitioner. Overall, the movies story line was primarily fabricated. The main thing I thought about while watching this movie was how in real life people could be making up the stuff we watch on the news.

The meaning behind the phrase Wag the Dog is significant to the movie because it’s about being able to control the outcome of things. In the movie it is all about controlling the public in similarity to being able to control a dog’s wagging tail. It all fits together in some weird way. Overall, the movie makes all PR practitioners look like play masters and they can control the outcome of just about anything.  

Nicole leigh








February 16, 2009. Assignments.

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