Public Relation Eras

My era was evolving practice. It sounds boring but it really was cool. I got to know a lot about how public relations moved through the times. I learned that before the 1920s public relations was just another part of journalistic function. Public relations helped people voice their thoughts on Vietnam War, civil rights, environmental movements and women’s rights. Public relations also moved away from impersonal meetings and moved to more one on one meetings. PR is not that old and the internet became a great tool for them because it also came available to the public and very easy to use about the same time. Everyone uses the internet because it is a great, easy, and fast way to get information. Well, Public Relations took advantage of that. What surprised me about this era was how fast public relations came into its own. From about the 1970s to the 2000s PR really moved up in the business world. It really showed people that it was a great helping tool and made a lot of things more easier. Having a middle man that looks out for you it a great thing to have. What I would like to know more about would have to be how people can trust the internet because that is a really big part of today’s world and PR does use a lot of it. How do people know that someone is really going to help them over the internet? Overall, I think I learned a lot about the up coming of public relations it really gave me some good history on my career.

Nicole Leigh


February 3, 2009. Assignments.

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