My Thoughts on Twitter

Hey yall Nicole here so I was instrcuted to use Twitter for my public relations class so I did. I went in and signed up for it and  it was very easy to do. I followed all the guidelines it gave me and I also made a new background of one of my pictures. When I first started Twitter I did not like it at all because I have used facebook in the past and I though facebook was a better networking site. Glossy Twitter IconsAfter doing a week of Twitter I got the hang of it and I was talking to people about things I needed to know and I helped some people out too. Once I started following people and they followed me I really started using it because people wanted to know what I was doing and I enjoyed talking back to them. Overall I would say Twitter is a good way to network and get your name out there but I did have to start watching who I was adding because I was getting followed by some people I did not know just a little bit. Well, I have grown to enjoy Twitter so I hope it helps me later on down the road. I would definitely tell my friends to use Twitter because it is not only used by public relation people but everyone uses it. My roommates are nursing majors and I for sure think if they had a question about nursing they would have people to help them really fast. Well, I like Twitter now it was a slow start but I really do enjoy it now.

Nicole Leigh


February 2, 2009. Assignments.

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  1. Barbara Nixon replied:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience.

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