Paris-To-Atlanta Flight Is Diverted

U.S. officials say an American citizen on a flight from Paris to Atlanta claimed to have a fake passport and said he had explosives in his luggage. The officials say federal air marshals are on the flight and that the cockpit is secure. The flight was diverted to Bangor, Maine, due to the incident. Officials believe the man’s passport is authentic. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. Delta spokeswoman Susan Elliott says there are 235 passengers and eight crew aboard the Airbus A330, which landed safely at 3:37 p.m. EDT at Bangor International Airport. Federal officials met the aircraft at the airport. The TSA says the passenger is being interviewed by law enforcement. How crazy is that? Comment.

Delta Airlines Boeing 777


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‘Peanuts’ gang sold to Joe Boxer owner for $175M

  Newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps Co. is selling licensing rights for Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the “Peanuts” gang to Iconix Brand Group Inc., the licensing company that owns Joe Boxer and London Fog. The family of the late “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz will also own part of the business too, giving it more control of and money from the comic strip’s legacy. Heirs say the deal announced Tuesday for the 60-year-old comic strip is what the artist would have wanted. Schulz worked for decades to win back the rights to his work, which many other artists like himself sold to appear in print. Scripps will sell its licensing unit, which also represents characters such as Dilbert and Raggedy Ann and Andy, to Iconix for $175 million. The bulk of revenue generated by United Media Licensing comes from the “Peanuts” franchise. Iconix will form a partnership with Schulz’ family, who will receive 20 percent ownership in the unit that owns “Peanuts” and pay that percentage of the sale price. Craig Schulz, one of the late artists’ five children, said the family is relieved to win an ownership interest.

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Formal Weekend

My boyfriend and I went to his formal this last weekend in Jacksonville, FL. We left Friday after he got off work and headed down. It took about three hours but we always have a good time together so there is never a dull moment with us. When we got there we checked and headed up to the room that we had to share. We didn’t have to pay for the formal this time because their alumni stepped up and paid for everyone. Anyways, we got ready to go out and went to slit life with some of the other couples. It was great, lots of fun. When we got back to the hotel we all just hung out and partied in and out of the rooms. I got to meet some new girls this weekend too,  I am not in a sorority so when I go places with David I always have to meet new people, but I like it you can never have to many friends. Well, Saturday we stayed at the beach all day it was great. When it was time everyone went in to get ready for formal and then we went to formal. Lots of dancing, David never dances but I couldn’t get him to stop. I think everyone had a great time. We went back to the hotel and kept on partying. The next morning it was so hard to get up but I did and packed everything up even his stuff because he was still sleeping and we had to be out by ten. I drove back to Statesboro because he couldn’t, it didn’t seem like that long of a drive back. When we got back we hung out for a while and then went to Olive Garden, it was soooo good. We are from Atlanta so we have been before but it’s is always so good when you haven’t been in a while. Anyways, we had a great weekend lots of partying and lots of fun.    

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Social Media News Release

The Social Media News Release (SMNR) is a press release format designed for the online media world. The press release was written with just the “press” in mind, but in the online world your story needs to be told in a format that is relevant to a wide variety of people – journalists, bloggers, publishers and the public at large. SMNR also allow one to embed high-resolution photos/graphics, video, and audio components.

Some advantages of using a Social Media News Release

  • Optimized for search
  • Optimized for conversation, two way conversation
  • Optimized for sharing
  • Tells the story through words and multimedia
  • Helps provide context on complicated stories
  • Creates Engagement
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Not expensive
  • Infuses personality

Some Disadvantages of using Social Media News Release

  • Cannot replace one-on-one communication
  • Hyperlinks can pull away the focus of the original message 
  • Online reading only

These advantages and disadvantages are provided by and Slideshare

If a PR practitioner is not currently using a Social Media News Release I would recommend that they start. By using a SMNR they could send out information in a variety of ways; for example, audio, video, and graphic. By doing so they could also get instant feedback from comments and bloggers. PR practitioners should stay up to date with technological advances which allow them to be quicker and work in more efficient ways of communication.

Ford Motor Company has a great verity of Social Media News Release on their website:

You can view community, car, safety, news and more Social Media News Releases on their website. ford.digitalsnippets

There are also website that will help you create your own Social Media News Release by following templates that guide you step by step.  

PitchEngine or PRXbuilder,

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TOW 16 Top Ten Blogging Tips

1 Stay on top of things

2 Know the news

3 Be real, be personal

4 Try different things

5 Research new topic to write about and learn about

6 Double check your work, look for mistakes

7 Look at other people’s blogs to learn and communicate with others

8 think about the people that will read your work

9 have fun with your work

10 write things that interest you

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TOW 15 What is a Social Media News Release??

The definition of a Social Media News Release- a new format of writing press releases that incorporates web-based tools for people to share and discuss the information of the release with one another. It gives you the opportunity to disseminate information with a platform that allows you to communicate with the people you disseminate the information to.

When should a PR practitioner use a social media news release instead of a regular news release?

A regular press release can fall short: 1) They have the wrong focus, 2) they are full of marketing speak that can cause readers to mistrust information; 3) they do not have a specific audience in mind.

Information on SMNR’s:

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